Saturday, July 22, 2006

Guy Mendilow: The Well-Rounded Radio Interview

Guy Mendilow's music is mixture of folk, jazz, rock, and overtone singing, all infused with elements of music from around the world. As a result, it sounds like something completely unique.

Truth is, Mendilow is something of an indication of how small our world really is becoming: a citizen of the Great Britain, Israel, and the United States, he's lived all over the world, sings in six tongues, and is fluent in four.

Mendilow also just released his second CD, Guy Mendilow Live, a compilation of recordings from performances in Boston and New Jersey that captures some of the more spontaneous and magical moments that occur when musicians are onstage together.

Mendilow is also on the road this summer, with shows in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylviania, and Wisconsin in July and August.