Thursday, September 14, 2006

Merrie Amsterburg: The Well-Rounded Radio Interview

Merrie Amsterburg's third and latest album is "Clementine and Other Stories" and, although it includes many traditional American songs that so many of us take for granted and know by heart, it gives some new life to some pretty dusty material.

Peforming re-arranged songs such as All the Pretty Horses, Lakes of Pontchartrain, Shenandoah, Down in the Valley and others, I found myself on the edge of my seat through some, as Amsterburg takes her time revealing and unfolding each piece and telling the stories in a way that makes you listen anew.

As with two earlier albums of originals, 1997's Season of Rain and 2000's Little Steps, Amsterburg has a low-key, demur style that lures you into her music and makes you pay attention. A good reminder that a whisper can be more powerful than a scream.

"Clementine and Other Stories" is rich with American history, and Amsterburg has already performed at some school and educator conferences to help promote these foundational songs. A quote from Amsterburg in her press materials say it best: "I hope the record gets people to look at these songs in a different way. They deserve a second look. They’re part of our history and where we come from."

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