Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jose Ayerve of Spouse: The Well-Rounded Radio Interview

After learning about him from members of Winterpills, Spouse's frontman, José Ayerve, sent me their latest release, Relocation Tactics, and, during a recent drive to Washington D.C. I listened to the album, once, twice, eventually about six or seven times on the drive down I-95 from Boston. Part of me kept wondering why Spouse was such a well-kept secret...and another part of me was wondering how soon I could get them on the show.

Ayerve is the constant thread behind Spouse, an indie-rock band that started in Brunswick, ME in 1995 and has released four full-length CDs and a variety of EPs since 2000. The band's albums include Nozomi (2000), Love Can't Save This Love (2002), Are You Gonna Kiss or Wave Goodbye? (2004), and their latest, Relocation Tactics (2007). The band's line-up has shifted, expanded, and evolved over the years, and we talk about the various incarnations it has had-and still has in different cities-in our conversation.

Spouse has drawn comparisons to a variety of indie rock bands in reviews over the years, including Pavement, The Pixies, Sebadoh, The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr., and Wilco. I also hear a bit of Boy and October-era U2 through their vocal and guitar styles at that point.

While some reviews of Relocation Tactics have used the word schizophrenic to describe the diverse musical sounds and styles that the band tackles, I see it as more of all the diverse influences that the band members have creeping into the work. More bold and anthematic than earlier releases, Relocation Tactics is one of those albums where the great songs just keep on coming at you, with songwriting and performances that feels like the group has taken what they do to a whole new level.

Spouse has a handful of live dates with Spottiswoode & His Enemies coming up in November in Boston, Providence, New York, and Arlington, VA and more dates in December in Northampton, Chicago, Nashville, Charlotte, Knoxville, and New York City. Check here for more details.