Friday, April 02, 2010

The Well-Rounded Radio Fundraiser, Sunday, April 18th at 1 PM at Middle East Upstairs

For about eight years I've been interviewing musicians and industry thought leaders for Well-Rounded Radio. To date I've interviewed more than 70 musicians from every genre plus music industry thought leaders. The series now draws 18,000 listeners per month from around the world.

It's always been a labor of love, but the time has come for our first fundraiser!

Join us on Sunday, April 18th at 1 PM at The Middle East (upstairs) in Cambridge, MA for an afternoon of amazing live music from some of Well-Rounded Radio's past guests.

The line-up of performers includes:

> Lovewhip (hear my 2003 interview )
> Jeffrey Simmons (hear my 2006 interview)
> Spouse (hear my 2007 interview)
> Michael Tarbox (hear my 2004 interview)
> Ryan Walsh of Hallelujah the Hills (hear my 2005 interview with The Stairs and my 2007 interview with Hallelujah the Hills)

Your $20 donation gets you in the door--and bring some extra cash to buy music and merch from these wonderful + generous musicians! The show is ALL AGES.

You can buy advance tickets at The Middle East box office or online at Ticketmaster.

RSVP on Facebook and follow me on Twitter for updates and more.

his afternoon event will raise funds to cover our costs for hosting the site and bandwidth plus some of our ongoing marketing expenses to spread the word about Well-Rounded Radio.

Want to help spread the word? Invite your friends online or print out our pdf flyer and hang some in your corner of the (New England) universe.

Here's a rundown of who is on the mixtape:

1) Hallelujah the Hills: Blank Passports (from Colonial Drones)
2) Michael Tarbox: Whose Fault but Mine (from My Primitive Joy)
3) Jeffrey Simmons: Gonna Get You (from the forthcoming album
4) Lovewhip: Wrecking Machine (from Love Electric)
5) Spouse: Keep Being You (from the forthcoming album
6) Jeffrey Simmons: Little Wishes (from the forthcoming album
7) Michael Tarbox: Darkness is a Rider (from My Primitive Joy)
8) Hallelujah the Hills: Station (from Colonial Drones)
9) Lovewhip: Love Electric (from Love Electric)
10) Spouse: Impressed by You (from the forthcoming album
11) Michael Tarbox: November Song (from My Primitive Joy)
12) Lovewhip: Chaueffer Blues (from Love Electric)
13) Jeffrey Simmons: Each Day (from the forthcoming album
14) Spouse: Sudden Moves (from the forthcoming album
15) Hallelujah the Hills: Classic Tapes (from Colonial Drones)
16) Jeffrey Simmons: Get Through This (from the forthcoming album
17) Lovewhip: Automatic (from Love Electric)
18) Michael Tarbox: Beautiful Girl (from My Primitive Joy)
19) Spouse: Coaster (from Relocation Tactics)

See you there! - Charlie


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